Enjoy MINE


MINE wines are exclusive and limited in supply with only, at most, 999 bottles per wine type sold every year. Each bottle thus offers an outstanding luxury experience.

A Wine


MINE is not your day-to-day wine. It is to be enjoyed while honoring those special moment: Celebrating with your business partners, spending a romantic evening with your significant other or after the close of a deal. The perfect extraordinary wine for extraordinary situations.


The luxury present for an exclusive event

No matter if it’s the birthday of your best friend or the wedding of a close relative, MINE is the perfect gift for any special occasion. It shows your loved ones how much they are worth to you and that that you really value them. You will be for sure thought of later on when they open the box and thank you.

Wine is the only artwork you can drink Luis Fernando Olaverri

Mertl Luxury Wines

CUVÉE 2017

Ruby with dark core and clear oily streaks. Ripe berry fruits, gentle scents of vanilla and french oak wood. Rich texture and berries with a smooth structure of tannins and fine toasty aromas. Complex and well balanced with a long finish.

Best With

Beef dishes, venison specialties, game birds and aged cheese.



Luxury is the balance of design,
in the sense of beauty and highest quality. Domenico de Sole